Suggested Resources


SmartPhone Apps/Websites

  • iMoodJournal: A fantastic app that lets you check in at set times to select your current mood and enter a note. At the end of the week, it generates a report that shows your moods across the week, where you were at each entry, and the time. A great way to see a big picture of your mental states.
  • Goal Streaks: Deceptively simple, this is our favorite app for setting and reaching goals.
  • Duolingo: Hands down, the best website/app around for learning a language. And it’s free!
  • Headspace: A great app for meditation.
  • Deep Relax: When paired with the SleepPhones discussed below, you have the perfect meditation & sleep sounds generator we’ve found. It has a setting to generate sound waves designed to help you Concentrate (Beta 20Hz), Relaxation/Sleep (Alpha 10Hz), and Mediate (Theta 5Hz). These waves can be mixed with a wide range of sounds, such as rain, fire, wind, etc.
  • Sleep Time: We’ve tested a lot of sleep tracking systems, and this is the best one we’ve found. Not only does it track your sleep throughout the night (it uses your smartphone’s movement detection), but it also learns when to wake you up at the lightest point of sleep–rather than right in the middle of REM, which would leave you groggy. For example, if you set your alarm for 7:30am, it will start looking for signs of light sleep at 7:00am and pick the perfect moment to wake you up!
  • Lumosity: A fun approach that will help give your brain a workout!
  • Meetup: This is a great way to find like-minded people in your area. There are groups for just about every hobby, interest, and activity you can think of. There are groups of all sizes, and they typically meet in a public place.
  • the Skimm: Don’t let the 24 hours a day news cycle distort your brain! Don’t spend hours a day passively watching cable news. theSkimm is the daily e-mail newsletter that gives you everything you need to start your day. They do the reading for you – across subject lines and party lines – and break it down with fresh editorial content.

Equipment & Gear

  • SleepPhones: These are super-comfortable sleep headphones! A soft headband with flat speakers you can even feel. They serve two purposes. 1) You can listen to any audio content while you sleep (such as sleep sound generators like the app listed above) in total comfort, and 2) you can drown out any noise around you (even the worst snoring or heavy street noise). Note: Do not choose the wireless version! The wireless Bluetooth version is expensive, and it doesn’t have adequate battery life to last through a full night’s sleep.
  • Kindle Paperwhite: Instead of the sleep-zapping screens of smartphones and tablets, this is an E-ink Kindle book reader device that is side-lit and doesn’t trigger your brain to avoid sleep. Ingenious!
  • Fitbit: Unless you are already using your phone to track your physical activity, this is a great product that keeps track of all your movement.
  • Luna Smart Bed Cover: You can pre-order now, and it should be shipping out soon. It turns your bed into a smart bed. Track your sleep (and we mean really track your sleep), control temperature, and more.
  • Mindplace Procyon AVS System Light and Sound Meditation Mind Machine: The MindPlace Procyon Audio Visual Synthesizer is a new kind of “Mind Machine” experience, melding a rainbow of color choices with clear, crisp digital sound. The resulting synthesis can be used to modulate states of consciousness in rich new ways. The Procyon includes 50 unique, pre-programmed light and sound sequences (called sessions, or programs) within its internal memory, each designed with a specific goal in mind.


  • Personality Type Assessment
    • We’ve added a new suite of evaluation services to help you gain deep insight into yourself, provided by Craig Calvert, a certified psychometrician and an expert on personality type assessment and development. In a single confidential session, he’ll provide you with deep insight into how to improve communication with others, how you respond and react to stress, strengths and challenges of your personality type, and how to use these insights to become a powerfully-balanced individual. It’s a great first step for understanding your true potential.
  • Genetic Testing with Genomind
    • Advances in the science of personalized medicine continue to reveal specific genetic variations that modify the body’s response to various drugs and therapies. By identifying these variations, clinicians can design more targeted and personalized treatment plans for each patient. The Genecept Assay is a simple to use, saliva-based tool for understanding genetic markers that can inform response to different psychiatric treatments. Note: Be sure to check to see if your insurance covers Genomind testing.

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